Calculable thermodynamic and transport properties

The following thermodynamic and transport properties can be calculated: *


Thermodynamic properties

  • saturation pressure ps
  • saturation temperature Ts
  • density ρ
  • specific volume v
  • specific enthalpy h
  • specific internal energy u
  • specific entropy s
  • specific exergy e
  • specific isobaric heat capacity cp
  • specific isochoric heat capacity cv
  • isentropic exponent κ
  • speed of sound w
  • surface tension σ

Thermodynamic inverse functions

  • T, v, s (p,h)
  • T, v, h (p,s)
  • p, T, v (h,s)
  • p, T (v,h)
  • p, T (v,u)

Thermodynamic derivatives

  • All important partial derivitives can be calculated

Transport properties

  • dynamic viscosity η
  • kinematic viscosity ν
  • thermal conductivity λ
  • Prandtl-number  Pr
  • thermal diffusivity a

* Not all of these property functions are available in all property libraries.