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A selection of our products

Property libraries

We offer property libraries for different working fluids and user programs.

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Add-Ons for use with property libraries

The property libraries can be used in Excel® incl. VBA, MATLAB® and Simulink, Mathcad®, Mathcad® Prime,  EES®, Dymola®, LabVIEW® and applications in C++, Python and Fortran (32 und 64-bit versions).

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Diagrams of state

For selected fluids and fluid mixtures, colored diagrams of state are available with millimeter grid in A2 format as PDFs or as color prints.

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Online property calculation

For selected fluids, properties can be calculated online with the Fluid Property Calculator or the Steam Property Calculator, free of charge.

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Apps for use with the property libraries

The app "International Steam Tables" for calculating the properties of water and steam is available for tablets and smartphones running iOS and Android.

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Property programs for pocket calculators

For calculating properties, programs for the programmable pocket calculators from TI, Casio, and HP are available.

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