FluidEES for Engineering Equation Solver

For Engineering Equation Solver (EES), the Add-On FluidEES is available for use with the following property libraries:


Steam and water

  • LibIF97 for steam and water according to IAPWS-IF97 and with backward equations according to IAPWS-IF97-S01, -S03ref, -S04, -S05

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Humid air

  • LibHuAir for humid air according to PTB-CP-3 with air-mass specific properties
  • LibHuAir_SBTL for extremely fast calculations of the properties of humid air
  • LibHuAir_Xiw for humid air according to PTB-CP-3 with total-mass specific properties
  • LibHuAirProp for humid air according to ASHRAE RP-1485

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Combustion gases and ideal gas mixtures

  • LibHuGas for humid combustion gas mixtures
  • LibIDGAS for combustion gas mixtures according to VDI-4670
  • LibIdGasMix for 25 ideal gases and their mixtures

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Carbon dioxide and other fluids

  • LibCO2 for carbon dioxide CO2 including dry ice
  • LibHe for helium He

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ORC working fluids

  • LibC2H5OH for ethanol C2H5OH

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Refrigerant mixtures

  • LibAmWa for ammonia/water mixtures NH3/H2O
  • LibWaLi for water/lithium bromide mixtures H2O/LiBr

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